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Do you crop ears in dogs?

We don’t crop ears on dogs at Forest Trails. We don’t have a major problem with it; however, none of the doctors have developed an expertise in this surgery. We can suggest the 15th Street Vet Group or Woodland Animal Hospital Central. Less and less people are choosing to ear crop nowadays since it is only a cosmetic surgery with no actual medical need.

Do we declaw dogs?
What do I do about my dog barking all the time when in the back yard?
My puppy is chewing up everything…what should I do?
Should I allow my dog to chew on bones?
What do the doctors at Forest Trails think of raw meat diets?
What do you think about home made diets for my dog?
My puppy urinates when it gets excited…what should I do?
At what age do we do puppy dewclaws and dock tails?
What are the reasons to remove puppy dewclaws and dock tails?
Is there a pregnancy test for dogs?
Can dogs/cats be spayed if they’re pregnant?
Does neutering a male animal guarantee that it will calm down?
What is a neuter?
What is a spay?
Why should I spay my dog?
Does my female dog need to have a heat cycle before spaying her?
Do dogs and cats go through menopause?
Why should I neuter my dog?
My pet has been vomiting for three days…what should I do?
When is the best time to do “eye tacking” in a Shar Pei dog?
Can you remove a dog’s voice box?
What can I do about my dog barking all the time when outside?
My dog is dragging its rear on the ground. Does that mean he has worms?
Should my dog be on heartworm preventative all year round?
What are heartworms?
Why does Forest Trails sell Interceptor and Sentinel as heartworm preventatives?
My dog is scratching but I can’t find any fleas…what should I do?
Can I give my dog antihistamines for allergies?
What foods do you recommend for my dog?
What is the best thing to use on my dog for fleas and ticks?
If Frontline a prescription drug?
Is drip-on Frontline or Frontline Spray better?
Do I need to use gloves when applying the Frontline spray?
Should I treat my house and yard for fleas and ticks?
Are there any diseases that I can catch from my pet?
What should I do if I am changing dog foods?
How should new pets be introduced to the other animals in the house?
Do we spay dogs and cats when they are “in heat”?
How long are dogs “in heat”?
What happens if my dog bites someone and he has to be quarantined for 10 days?
Is there a cure for rabies?
Should my dog be on vitamins?
At what age do you recommend neutering dogs and cats?
Should my dog be on heartworm preventative all year?
What is the gestation period in dogs and cats?
How can I tell if my dog is getting ready to have her puppies?
What is a cryptorchid dog?
Why are owners asked about whether their dog has been on heartworm preventative?
Why test for heartworms if my dog has been on heartworm preventative medication?
What’s the danger if I give heartworm preventative medication to my dog and he already has heartworms?
How do heartworms kill a dog?
If my dog has heartworms, how is it treated?
Why should fecal floats (fecal exam) be done?
Is chocolate dangerous for dogs?
How can an owner induce vomiting in a dog at home?
What is the euthanasia procedure in dogs and cats?
What are the options for the pet’s body after euthanasia?
Why is Frontline not working as well as before?
What’s the difference between Frontline and the generic frontlines?
How are puppies supposed to be vaccinated?
What vaccinations do dogs get?
What is the difference in the 1-year and 3-year rabies vaccine?
How often do dogs need to get vaccinated?
What is “kennel cough” and do we vaccinate for it?
I’m concerned about over vaccinating my pet…what do you think at Forest Trails?
What are the vaccinations that are not considered “Core” vaccines and should I get them?
What vaccinations do we suggest for dogs?
Are there other vaccinations available for dogs?
How long are the vaccines effective?