Frequently Asked Questions


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What types of animals do we board at Forest Trails?

Dogs, cats, birds, pocket pets, and reptiles (We need to know if birds are fed seed or pellets and if pellets, they need to bring their own unless it’s Harrison’s. If boarding reptiles, they MUST bring their own food.)

What do we do if there is an emergency with our pet after hours?
If I decide to euthanize my dog/cat at Forest Trails, how is it done?
Do I need to make an appointment to bring my pet in to be euthanized?
What are my options concerning my pet’s body after being euthanized?
What are your hours?
Can I pick up my boarding pets after hours?
If I pick up on Sunday, is it less expensive?
Where is Forest Trails located?
How do you figure the charge on my dog or cat when boarding?
Do dogs and cats need to be current on vaccinations to board?
Do your doctors do house calls?
I’ve never been in…can I charge?
I am an established client…can I charge?
Do we groom dogs and cats at Forest Trails?
What are the options for the pet’s body after euthanasia?