October 12, 2015
Proheart 6 Injection

Forest Trails is now carrying Proheart 6 Injectable (moxidectin) heartworm preventative. This product has been available for the last 5 yrs and tested extensively over this period of time and proven to show only a 0.003% incidence (3 dogs in 10,000) of adverse reactions following administration. This reaction rate is equal to or less than what we traditionally see with vaccines or any other medication use. It is only labeled to protect against heartworms; therefore, you may need other products for intestinal parasites, fleas, and ticks if you have problems with these in your environment.  The big advantage is not needing to remember to give a pill every 30 days. It’s also good if your pet is difficult to give a pill. It can only be given to healthy dogs 6 months of age and older.

The injection costs about the same as a six-month supply of the monthly heartworm preventative but it also doesn’t treat all the intestinal parasites that other products such as Sentinal covers. The injection is given every 6 months. The company suggests a heartworm test prior to the first injection to ensure the pet is negative prior to the treatment. We will send 6 month reminders to help you remember to schedule the next injection. It is not guaranteed to be protective after 6 months. Also if you want to change from an oral product to Proheart 6, the injection needs to be given within a month after the last oral dose of preventative. If you have further questions please contact our office.