In veterinary medicine, we deal with everything from pediatrics to geriatrics. In an examination room we may be giving puppy vaccinations or checking an older pet for diabetes. Sometimes the treatment is as simple as removing a sticker or as serious as hospitalizing a pet and doing blood transfusions.

In human medicine, we sometimes see a sick family member get on a “rollercoaster” of treatment where they and the family seem to have lost control. Our goal in this hospital is to properly diagnose any problems at hand then, after discussion with the owner, treat those problems in the best and most compassionate way possible to provide a solution that keeps that family unit whole.

Although we are capable of doing most diagnostics and procedures in our hospital, there are some that are more specialized. We have a very good working relationship with other veterinarians in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and the OSU Veterinary Hospital and if we feel that their input is valuable or needed, we will discuss that with you. Our aim is to provide the best care for your pets, no matter who gets the credit.

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