Although we primarily concentrate on medical and surgical cases, we do provide boarding for the convenience of our clients. We have several boarding areas. For dogs, we have 12 large runs as well as numerous cages for smaller dogs and puppies. Because of zoning in Tulsa, we are unable to have indoor/outdoor runs, so we walk all of the dogs outside at least twice daily.

There are separate rooms for cats as well as our avian and exotic pets. The cats seem to appreciate the calmness of their own room away from the barking. The birds are in a separate room to provide safety as well as providing full spectrum bulbs with ultra-fast speed ballasts which provides more natural lighting and decreases stress. We are also able to board “pocket pets” such as guinea pigs and hamsters, as well as rabbits, ferrets, etc.

All Services
Boarding Rates
Please contact the clinic to make reservations and/or to make more specific arrangements and confirm current rates.

Be aware there may be a late checkout fee if picked up after 2pm.

Flea/Tick treatment At owner’s expense if fleas or ticks found on intake

Also ask about our courtesy pickup on Sunday afternoons 4:30-5pm.

Feline Boarding


Canine Boarding

Less than 20lbs: $20.90/day
21-40lbs: $22.40/day
41-90lbs: $26.40/day
90lbs. Plus: $29.90/day

Avian Boarding

Small Cage: $9.20/day
Medium Cage: $10.70/day
Large Cage: $13.30/day
X-Large Cage: $14.80/day

Rabbit, Ferret, Chinchilla Boarding

Per Cage: $16.80/day

Pocket Pet Boarding

Per Cage: $9.20/day

Reptile Boarding

Small Cage: $13.30/day
Large Cage: $18.10/day

Medication Fee

Once Daily: $2.10/day
Twice Daily: $2.70/day
Three X Daily: $3.40/day